Monday, March 03, 2008

See the picture?

This is the logo for Hezbollah. The US government has designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. The groups has been implicated in terror activities all over the world. Iran's Foreign Minister personally attended the funeral of Imad Mughnieyh a man who Hezbollah denied knowing anything about but then admitted he was their top commander.

This is the logo for a Iranian sponsored terrorist group in Iraq.

The very existence of this group is an act of war against the United States. This group has killed American soldiers
and resists US efforts to transform Iraq into an independent democratic state.

The logos use the same theme, same hand, notice the globe in both.

And add this to your data points:

Muqtada al-Sadr, the head of the Mehdi Army, admitted to "formal links" with Hizbollah.

"We have formal links with Hizbollah, we do exchange ideas and discuss the situation facing Shiites in both countries," he said. "It is natural that we would want to improve ourselves by learning from each other. We copy Hizbollah in the way they fight and their tactics, we teach each other and we are getting better through this."

Mr Sadr said members of the Mehdi Army had travelled to Lebanon, and would continue to do so. "We go and discuss what Israel's future plans are in the Middle East because we are part of whatever will happen," he said.

Just start from one point you cannot refute- Iran sent their foreign minister to the funeral of Imad Mughniyeh. Nothing can further underscore everything I have been saying about Iran over the years. They just issued a postage stamp to honor the cultural contributions of a man with thousands of deaths on his hands.

Regarding the logos: The point is obvious- the groups work together and have the same sponsor: Iran. The logos are so similar the same artist might have done them or one group borrowed elements of the other's out of admiration for the group or, as I believe, Iran's military designed it for both groups.

Here is one source for the logo you can go google others if you think I am wrong.

I resent your questions of my character and specifically my personal courage and commitment to this country. You know nothing of me and what I have done or not done in my life or my personal circumstances. I may not be a Congressional Medal of Honor winner but everyone who knows my life story and what I have faced considers me brave.

Finally you stooped to the lowest forms of antisemitism in your comment: you assert dual loyalty, a favorite slur directed against Jews for the sin of loving Israel. You also imply that I would leave the US if the US economy tanked implying that I, as a Jew, worship only money and as soon as I see a greener pasture in Israel, I would leave.

To all of this I suggest you draw your ignorant self in front of a mirror and take a look at the bigot looking back at you, I have been kind in explaining myself to you in the past; with those who engage in civil discussion, I am willing to patiently and politely debate almost anything, to those like you, whose ideas rightly belong in the gutter right along side the mind that thinks them, I have nothing more to say.

Do not ever post on my blog again or email me, I will delete it. I gave you respectful honest answers and you responded with ignorance and bigotry.
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Yes, noticed that before. Those thugs really make it obvious who they work for. Iran is a much better place for islaminazis to expend their efforts than elsewhere. Now that the various gangsters and Iraq are merrily killing each other while trying to decide who the next Big Kahuna will be, maybe it's a good time to invade Iran, or at least bomb hell out of the leadership and let them sort out things. Rumor has it that the Persians want to kick out the arab backed mullahs anyway. The population is more than a bit put out with the "islamic republikkk". Those people are about ready to snap.
You accidentally deleted my response! Here it is again:

You constantly, constantly, constantly pretend that Israel is above reproach, but it's not. You ignore any moral nuances in the Israel-Palestine situation. Only a fool (or a bigot) such as yourself believes that either side is 100% right or 100% wrong.

My last comment consisted mostly of questions. I doubt if any of it, or anything else I've ever written, would qualify me as a bigot. When I look in the mirror, I see an extremely flawed human being. I've failed to live up to my own standards on many, many occasions. I've failed to stand up to bullies and war-mongers (you know, people like you). But I sincerely doubt that I'm a bigot. I'll admit that the argument, "Why don't you move to another country?" is often the last refuge of bigots, but in your case I believe it's a valid question. I've read your pro-Israel poetry. You are obviously a man in love.

As for your life story, I could care less. Brave people don't hide their hateful rhetoric behind pseudonyms.

Go ahead and delete this if you must. But please don't command me not to post any more comments. It's still my right--for a little while longer, at least.

1:53 AM
Since Ivan persists in posting here I will answer him one last time:

I did not accidentally delete his post, I intentionally did so because he has expressed openly antisemitic comments and accused falsely of bigotry and dual loyalty. I got tired of dealing with him. While I should just delete his comment and go on, my life was just spared in a car wreck so I owe an act of justice, this comment is it.

Ivan asserts that I think Israel is 100% above reproach and criticism. This is of course is nonsense. I criticize Israel when I think she is the wrong. I was outraged at the Pollard incident and there have been several other blunders Israel has made over the years where I have been displeased in the extreme.

As for my not understanding the "nuances" of Israel-Palestinian
situation, actually I understand them all too well- every day Palestinians shoot rockets and mortars over Israel's borders continue to call for Israel's annihilation, deny her right to exist and says things in Arabic in direct contravention of promises to the US. There is no nuance to such a situation. If Palestinians suffer because Israel responds in self defense to their behavior, it brings me no joy, but Israel is totally in the right to reasonably defend herself.

When my co-religionists live in fear of riding a bus for fear of suicide bombers, there are no nuances, just a basic desire to survive and punish those responsible.

I am neither a fool nor a bigot but Palestinians have been given every chance to build a state but instead and stay focused on Israel's destruction; since I want Israel to live in peace with its neighbors, how is it bigoted to be opposed to counterproductive Palestinian national suicide? Should I support it? Would you support people who want to murder those you care about? Is it moral to ask someone to turn a blind eye to such murders? These are simple elemental questions of morality directly applicable to the Israel-Palestinian issue.

There is no other country on the face of the earth that is daily threatened with annihilation. You choose to ignore it along with Hamas' charter, Arafat's perfidy and the truth of the translated Arab/Islamic world seen through Palestinian Media Watch and

Just because you choose not to educate yourself doesn't give you license to make sweeping generalizations and mischaracterizations of my reasons for writing what I do.

It is not bigotry to defend Israel, it is a moral duty to my fellow Jews and my right to do so. And you accuse me of being a bigot while being unable to produce a single instance of what you allege. Show me using a single perjoritive phrase and I will delete this blog immediately. You can't. I know what I think, I know what I have written and nothing I have ever done falls into definitional bigotry.

Finally, I own this page. I can delete some or all of it as I please. It is my right to do so. You have the mistaken impression that you have a right to post here; you don't. Just as I don't have a right to put up my McCain lawn signs to otherwise make your hovel more presentable to the public, you have no right of expression on my property. This is but another example of the genius of the American legal system of which you are ignorant.

You call me a warmonger when all I really want is peace. I wish Israel did not have people threatening her with genocide. But I must speak out when Iran attacks Israel every day through her proxies. I would be utterly insane not to take them at their words. Two generations ago, the Jewish world did nothing and 6 million died. The time for peacefully resolving the Iranian issue was three years ago, either the regime collapses from within or it will be bombed, time for everything else has run out. You can't un-nuke something, if Israel is nuked, the Jewish people are finished. I have this crazy notion that we have a right to exist and after 1800 years of abuse by many in the Christian world and 1400 years of abuse from the Islamic world, that we are entitled to be left alone and have a small space to call home.

This is the last reply , Ivan, I have tried reason and fact but sadly nothing gets through to you. I don't know what you read or how you have come by your opinions but I have better uses of my time.

Time will tell if I am right. In fact, we will know very soon.
P.S. I don't deny that the Jewish people are entitled to a land to call home. I have two words for you: West Germany.
If ever there was a clear window into the soul of a "progressive" here it is.

Ivan Goetsky's refined sense of morality would have the Jewish people find their sanctuary amongst the people who made the need for that sanctuary so abundantly clear that Jews needed their own country to begin with.

Would you send an abused child to live with the parent who committed the abuse?

Would you send a rape victim to live with their rapist?

Would you force the family of a murder victim to live with the perpetrators' family?

The Germans did each and every one of these crimes against the Jewish people times several million instances; while most of the actual perpetrators are dead, plenty of their children and grandchildren are no less Nazis than their ancestors.

Why is it OK to do that to the Jews? You would never single out anyone else for such treatment but in your little mind, its OK to do that to the Jews.

And I deleted your previous post because it challenged me to show an instance of your antisemitism. Well I will just leave your last comment up there as Exhibit A, for all the world to see, a shining example of your character and a prime example of Jew hatred from the political left. No words of injury to your reputation could ever do more damage than your last comment.
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