Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When you are right you are right

This report was just presented by a blue ribbon commission looking into the threat of an EMP attack on the US launched from a ship offshore. I posted The End of the City on the Hill (see below) two years ago. I have noted on more than one occasion that we are living in a bad Tom Clancy novel and the US does not necessarily have to win.

We live in a dangerous world with irrational actors who despise and hate this country for the sin of our existence, our success, our democracy, our rule of law and our egalitarian pluralism. In their minds, we should not be possible; so we are deemed evil and must be destroyed. The sentence has already been passed, our enemies are working on the summary execution.

Today in Lebanon, there is dancing in the streets over the freedom for a man who bashed in a little girl's head in with a rifle butt. Hezbollah is the foremost expression of Iran's global ambitions. They are deadly, they are evil incarnate and they are ready for war.

The question is not when war will break out in the middle east but when.

If you think oil prices are high now, wait until Iran has the bomb and tells us what they are.

George Bush will go down in history as the founder of a modern era of global progress shielded by American might or the idiot who threw civilization to the mercy of the new barbarians.

In the next six months the fate of the world will be decided.

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